We are a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality software company dedicated
to transforming how educational content is delivered and consumed
globally. We provide trainers & educators the tools they need to
create their own content in virtual training environments or classrooms.

Together we can create your prefect virtual environment, with content
that speaks to your employees and colleagues, to foster deeper understanding
and enhance presentations which create a greater impact than classic LCMS.

VR and AR represent two quickly growing industries where the benefits of use,
for both inside and outside the classroom, are only now coming to light.
VR SQUAD's vision is to see virtual reality become a staple tool for training
and education and therefore we strive to produce quality experiences that
educate, engage and delight.

VR SQUAD is a Registered Training company,
GDPR & DataDock compliant.




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Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and 360° headsets are starting a revolution
in the fields of training and learning. Virtual Reality places the learner in a
bubble of concentration and immersion, which multiplies the impact of the training.

Whether it be behavioral, technical, commercial, medical, or general well-being,
VR and AR will have multiple uses in corporate environments.

X LEARN Platform offers a VR meeting module, allowing multiple users
to meet and efficiently work together in a Virtual Reality space, using
a set of collaborative tools.

VR SQUAD is partnering with majors headset manufacturers such as HTC Vive,
Samsung, Oculus Rift/Facebook, ACER, PIMAX, Microsoft HoloLens, MagicLeap
and accessories makers such as Leap Motion to offer a suite of solutions
for just about any device.

Studies show that learners who participate in immersive and
gamified learning experiences make faster progress than those
in traditional training courses, including:

+ 20% increased capacity on the actual skills assessed;
+ 15% additional knowledge gain acquired in the training course;
+ 10% retention of all content provided.

60% of all participants complete courses in mixed reality
compare to 10% in more classic digital trainings


We developed powerful Machine Learning/NLU algorithms, that are both rule-based
and text-based.
This AI layer allows trainees to interact with virtual characters, who make interaction
decisions based on pedagogical rules, character personalization and trainees profiling
(psychological assessment, skills & aspirations).

Virtual Reality with high quality 3D modelization, realistic gestures for avatars &
trained AI, combined with our partners assessment methods,
contributes to the trainees' total immersion experience.

A multilingual module will also be provided thanks to help like our partners
including ACAPELA.

On our immediate roadmap the X LEARN platform will be developing
AI conversational engine based on voice recognition/NLU/NLP/NLG.

VR SQUAD solutions are developed with Unity, Unreal, Lumberyard, html5,
C++, C# and Python. We also implement Vuforia, Photon, Unity AI (IBM Watson),
ARKit and ARCore to take our solution to the next level.



The trainee must be alert, focused and undistracted. The challenge for
the trainer is to captivate trainees' attention and provide successive
objectives in order to keep them focused.


In order to memorize something,
the trainee must be involved.
Learning passively is impossible.
Our simulations place trainees
in situations and surroundings with
constant interaction and stimulation.
Compelling scenarios create a fun
experience and keep learners
emotionally engaged.


Being regularly exposed
to content allows for a better
opportunity to memorize it in the long
run. Repetition is key to consolidation
in learning. Our simulations facilitate
learning consolidation. The variety of
in-training situations encourages
replay and therefore increases


The learner is placed in the heart of
the action also known as the
experiencing approach. Once the
experience is over, the trainee
receives detailed performance
analysis, personalized advices for
new training or skills to specifically
train and also targeted pedagogical
content that will strengthen the
memorization process.


Whether they provided a correct
answer or a wrong one, learners
must get immediate feedback.
Success must trigger reward.
A Margin for error is essential for
learning. Positive feedback helps
eliminate stress that could
inhibit learning. Our simulations are
designed to encourage via trial and
error. Scenario turns
wrong answers into positive
outcome. Immediate feedback
encourages questioning without
causing stress and disengagement.