We’ll help you source, assess, train and restructure your
talent. We can also help outsource talent using the
platform to test your potential new employees.
Our VR/AR & Machine Learning platform will match
talents with your organization, internally or externally.



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PLATFORM - Features

I - A powerful, intuitive and ever-evolving platform which empowers trainers and teachers

II - Machine Learning and AI algorithms for smart outcomes in skills reinforcement,
careers evolution and recruitment

III - Rich 3D assets libraries including numerous work or client environments

IV - Initial catalogue of VR/AR Digital Training for "Soft Skills"

V - Real time dashboards for performance statistics, training set up and skills tracking.
Export data visualization to your existing LMS in SCORM.

VI - Collaborative tools allowing multi-learners experiences and trainings

VII - Vocal & messenger based tools for learner support and AI Chabot

Empowers your teams with proficiency and simplicity.

Powers the creation of behavioral VR/AR
simulations for Digital Learning.


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EDITOR - Features

I - Intuitive editing features to assist in conceiving non-linear scenarios
with various scenes and instructional points.
A rich and intuitive hierarchical structure

II - Step by step accompaniment managing centralized
data for translation and generating voice outcomes (TTS or recorded)

III - Powerful and ever evolving: SCORM/LMS compatible,
you can integrate seamlessly your instructional contents,
best practices and emotional behavior of avatars.

IV - Dynamic tools for assessing psychological profiles of
your learners through our partners

V - Easy to use tools for settings and avatars inside 3D models'
libraries. Tools for avatars mood customization
and actions randomization.

X LEARN Editor Authoring Tool powers the creation and
management of behavioral simulations and training
for digital learning.

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